About Us

about, house call Docs HOUSE CALL DOCS is the newest concierge service of HELPsource, a home health/home care agency with decades of experience in the Philadelphia area. HELPsource offers in-home nursing, therapy, home health aides, companions and medical escorts. Over the years, our homebound clients have asked us for referrals to a variety of in-home services beyond those we provide. In response, we started a concierge service that identifies providers of medical services such as podiatrists, clinical laboratories, EKG or x-ray units, or hairdressers that come to your home.

Our latest service is to help our clients and patients access physicians who will come to their homes.

This is strictly a referral service for which we get no fees from either you, the Physician, the insurance company or anyone else. The physicians and physician group we list have indicated an expertise in certain fields and offer home visits. We verify that the physicians listed are in fact licensed to practice medicine in the state of Pennsylvania and have not been excluded from participating in the Medicare or Medicaid programs. The final selection decision is yours. We merely provide a list of appropriate physicians who service your area, accept your insurance and meet your needs. There are no obligations to choose any of the listed physicians. If you are a current client or patient of HELPsource selecting or not selecting from the list will have no impact on the care we provide. The choice is always yours and yours alone.