1. Why would a doctor make house calls?

Most Doctors used to make house calls; however, with an increase in coverage by insurance, doctors need to see many more patients to make it economical for them to stay in practice. A physician can see much more patients if they have lined up waiting than have to travel to see them. Although this may be more convenient and cost-effective for the doctor, it is more difficult for patients who are elderly, disabled or ill.

2. Will the doctor’s house call be covered by my insurance?

Most, but not all, insurance companies cover house calls. We can help you to find out what your insurance covers. House call visits have no additional costs but generally, have the same deductibles and co-pays as visits to the primary care doctors’ office.

3. Does house call doctors provide emergency care?

Most house call doctors do not provide emergency care. For true emergencies, you should go to the closest Emergency Room if you can or call 911.

4. If I live in an assisted living or personal care facility, can I be seen by a house call doctor?


5. Do I have to change the specialists I see?

No, you can continue to see the specialists you like. If you do not have a specialist, the house call doctor can help make a referral.

6. How often will I be seen?

You will be seen as often as you and the doctor decide is needed.

7. Will I always be seen by a doctor?

That depends on the doctor’s group. In some practices, patients are always seen by a doctor. In other, they may be seen by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant as well as the doctor.